Foresters Healthcare donates another community-use defibrillator

On Sunday, Foresters Healthcare were delighted to present St Pauls Methodist Church with a defibrillator. The defibrillator will be installed on the outside of the church so it is accessible to the many people that use the area, including visitors to Vale Primary School. 

The society has now donated 4 of defibrillators. 

Managing Director, David Le Poidevin explains how the society know firsthand why such a donation can save a life, “Back in 2016, The Foresters donated a defibrillator the Guernsey Table Tennis Association, instrumental in that decision was our Non-Executive Director Derek Carter. In April 2018, whilst umpiring a doubles match Derek required assistance from the same machine he had been involved in donating after suffering a heart attack.” 

“Whilst we hope the defibrillator at St Paul’s will never be called in to action Derek’s story highlights how having one to hand really can be a life saver.”

The defibrillator needs to be fitted, but it is hoped it will be in place soon.

Pictured are Chief Ranger, Paul Stanford presenting the defibrillator to the Reverend Howard Stringer and Foresters Healthcare Managing Director, David Le Poidevin.