We are here to help!

We are here to help!

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Please note: our office will remain closed until further notice.

Foresters Healthcare are partnering with Guernsey FC

We believe in the power of sport to help inspire people to live a healthy life, which is why Foresters Healthcare are partnering with Guernsey FC to help us spread the importance of ‘affordable’ healthcare message.

Through the partnership, GFC Season Ticket Holders * will be offered a discount of 20% off any health plan that they take out with Foresters Healthcare.

We’ll be sharing more information about the partnership soon.

* 2019/20 Season Ticket holders, and new season ticket holders (when applicable).

For further information please contact us on:
(01481) 728864 F: (01481) 728705

Email: info@forestershealthcare.co.uk

ITV Hub Advert

Keep an eye out for our new advert which will be on ITV Hub this month.

Foresters are one of the oldest non-profit friendly societies. Our healthcare package is tailored to suit the needs of our fellow Guernsey & Alderney residents.

Apply online or find out more at: www.forestershealthcare.co.uk or 01481 728864.

Guernsey Health & Wellness Show 2020

We are pleased to announce we will be at the Guernsey Health & Wellness Show on Sunday 26th January.

Come to find us and find out more about Foresters Healthcare, a locally provided alternative to mainstream Health Insurance services.

Watch out for more information about a competition we will be running with three fantastic prizes to be won!

CIB are now the exclusive insurance broker for Foresters Healthcare

We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with the team at Channel Island Insurance Brokers. CIB are now the exclusive insurance broker for Foresters Healthcare, and residents in Guernsey and Alderney can now purchase Healthcare Insurance plans through their team to benefit from the following:

  • Affordable Primary Care Insurance plans.
  • Doctor’s & nurses consultations, at the surgery or at home.
  • Blood tests.
  • Simple injections.
  • Ear syringe/suction.
  • Smear tests.
  • Attend & Assessment Consultations at the Emergency Department.
  • Primary Care Consultations at Princess Elizabeth Hospital.
  • Essential Ambulance conveyance.
  • Discounts for family or corporate groups.
  • Additional benefits available for things such as Physiotherapy, heart and blood pressure monitoring and A&E.
  • Foresters is a ‘Friendly Society’ – offering members a wide range of affordable savings and insurances.

CIB’s Healthcare Coordinator Carla Tanguy said “CIB are delighted to have been chosen by Forester’s Healthcare to promote their health insurance policies. We are able to offer solutions for everything from a single primary healthcare policy, to a large corporate plan, including dental cover, wellbeing and employee assistance programmes.”

Educational Grants

Good luck if you or your loved ones are getting their  A-Level results tomorrow.

Did you know Foresters Healthcare members are able to apply for a number of different goodwill grants? 

These ex-gratia grants include an Educational Grant. 

To find out more visit: www.forestershealthcare.co.uk or give us a call on: 01481 728864.

Foresters Weekend

In May we held our annual Foresters Weekend at Les Cotils. We were pleased to see a good turnout with many taking the opportunity to visit Guernsey for the weekend.

Evening events were held on Saturday and Sunday – both were well attended and enjoyed by all.

We were pleased to join the congregation of St Pauls Methodist Church for their Sunday Service. Prior to the service we presented The Reverend Howard Stringer with a defibrillator. The defibrillator has been installed on the outside of the church and is accessible to all the users of the area, including visitors to Vale Primary School.

In the evening we were joined by invited guests representing local good causes receiving Foresters support. During the event cheques were given to Les Bourgs Hospice, the Guernsey Table Tennis Association, Northern Bowls and the Guernsey Cheshire Home.

Further cheques were presented to the High Chief Ranger’s chosen Charity, Action on Hearing Loss and Naomi House & Jacksplace (Winchester, Hampshire), hospices for children and young adults.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event such a success.

Worried about A&E fees?

Our Managing Director is encouraging local residents to consider local healthcare insurance options in response to the recent tweet from a Mother highlighting the cost of taking her daughter to A&E.

“I would encourage islanders to find out more about the options available to provide medical cover for their families.

“There are local alternatives to mainstream health insurance, tailored to meet the needs of local residents. These offer the peace of mind that if you or your children need to visit the A &E or Doctor you can do so without the worry of whether you can afford the visit. Islanders are often unaware of the need for the cover until medical care is needed.”

Read Article On Bailiwick Express Here

Foresters Healthcare donates another community-use defibrillator

On Sunday, Foresters Healthcare were delighted to present St Pauls Methodist Church with a defibrillator. The defibrillator will be installed on the outside of the church so it is accessible to the many people that use the area, including visitors to Vale Primary School. 

The society has now donated 4 of defibrillators. 

Managing Director, David Le Poidevin explains how the society know firsthand why such a donation can save a life, “Back in 2016, The Foresters donated a defibrillator the Guernsey Table Tennis Association, instrumental in that decision was our Non-Executive Director Derek Carter. In April 2018, whilst umpiring a doubles match Derek required assistance from the same machine he had been involved in donating after suffering a heart attack.” 

“Whilst we hope the defibrillator at St Paul’s will never be called in to action Derek’s story highlights how having one to hand really can be a life saver.”

The defibrillator needs to be fitted, but it is hoped it will be in place soon.

Pictured are Chief Ranger, Paul Stanford presenting the defibrillator to the Reverend Howard Stringer and Foresters Healthcare Managing Director, David Le Poidevin.